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Naturism on Danish beaches

Denmark has traditions for naturist / clothes-optional beaches. This site is dedicated to guiding naturists to the beaches most suited for naturism.

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Download our brochure about naturism on the Danish beaches. (Dansk, English und Deutsch).


Welcome to

- Your guide to naturist / clothes-optional beaches in Denmark. (means is based on input from the local naturists all over Denmark. They have described their favourite beaches to us. We have supplemented with tourist information etc.

At we strive to give you information about bathing beaches. These beaches are normally very good for naturists with children. The beaches have to be good to stay on, bathe from, and they altogether have to be good places to have a nice day with your family. Read the descriptions of the individual beaches – some of the beaches are more suitable for families with children than others.

If you have problems with some of our beaches, we would like to hear from you – use the email strandguide <at>

Use the map on this page to guide you to a good beach in the part of Denmark, you are interested in. is a service from Danske Naturister (Danish Naturist Society, ).

Legal and practical considerations

Considerations: Although almost all beaches are clothes-optional you should still show consideration and respect for other people. On crowded beaches, where there are many people in swimsuits, naturists should keep a good distance to non-naturists. The legislation concerning indecent behavior and offending public decency also applies to clothes-optional beaches. The only difference is that you may choose not to wear a swimsuit. In all other respects the legislation is the same.

Welcome: Enjoy your stay on the beach and show consideration! Naturist usage varies from beach to beach. Visit (in Danish, German and English) to find a clothes optional beach near to you.

Naturism in Denmark

Rules: Traditions for nude bathing from beaches in Denmark go back over 100 years.
It became formally legalized to do so during the mid 1970-ies. Local authorities may make exceptions to this on a few beaches, in which case it will be explicitly signposted on the beach.