Other nice beaches
Friday den 23. February 2018
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Other nice beaches

Danish islands:


You reach Agersø by boat from Stignæs harbour (south west of Skælskør). The time of sailing is about 15 minutes. On Agersø you walk through the avenue of the town. After having passed the town pond you walk a little further in the same direction and turn left between the grocer on you left hand side and the school and the hall on your right hand side on Helholmvej. After about 1 km with open fields you turn on the first dirt road to the right down to the water. After this you can walk a bit to the right and find a good place. (N 55.209737°, E 11.173035°). The dress code is optional. Lots of idyl, and the beach offers lots of peace and quiet. See more here: http://www.strandguide.dk/index.php?id=626&L=1


Anholt is at true paradise for everyone, who likes long sand beaches and untouched nature. You reach Anholt by the ferry from Grenå (2,5 hours time of sailing), with taxiplane from Roskilde or by your own boat. The walk around the island on the beach is about 25 km long. Apart from the beaches close to the harbor and the camping site, there are almost just naturists. On the land side of the dunes there are the normal norms for clothes. If you like a good hike, the naturists have the best possibility in Denmark. About 20 km on wonderful sandy beaches, just you and the nature!


Læsø is an agriculture island, where there are living relatively a lot of people. You can reach Læsø by ferry from Frederikshavn (1,5 hour time of sailing), with taxiplane from Roskilde or in your own boat. There are two beaches, which often are used by naturists.

Stokken (N 57.251974°, E 10.873568°) is a tongue of land, which is situated on the western end of Læsø. You have to walk to the tongue of land, but that is no problem. Good sandy beach.

If it blows from the west, you can go to Syrodde instead (N 57.310747°, E 11.195450°). It is situated on the north eastern side of the island.


You reach Omø by boat from Stigsnæs Harbour (south western of Skælskør). The time of sailing is about 50 minutes. On Omø you walk up to the town past the church. After the town pond on your left hand side you turn left to the street, until you reach the beach. (N 55.160451°, E 11.165377°). There is lots of idyl and the beach offers peace and quiet.

Southern Sweden close to Copenhagen


One of the best naturist beaches in Sweden, close to Ystad. About 1,5 hour drive from Copenhagen (The Öresund bridge, bridge toll). The shown GPS coordinates refer to Backåkra, but the beach continues for about 3 km north east past Sandhammeren, where you can park too. No facilities, please remember food and drinks. GPS: Parking lot N55°22737, E14°8.484’, the middle of the beach: N55°22.637’, E14°9.622’. The beach is top class, but the water can be cold with current.

Skanör – Svanrevet

One of the best naturist beaches in Sweden, only 45 minutes drive from Copenhagen (the Öresund bridge, bridge toll). You park after the church in Skanör, at the beach meadow: N55°25.188’, E12°50.835’. From here you follow the path over the beach meadow towards the coast. Follow the beach north until the naturist beach begins: N55°25767’, E12°50.411’. From the parking lot to the start of the naturist beach there is only about 1 km walk. The beach continues north about 2 km – perfect for at nude walk! NB: From April to the 15th of July the northern 1,5 kilometers are closed for public entrance because of breeding birds. The beach is top class. Apart from the walking distance the beach is very child-friendly. No facilities, please remember food and drinks.

South France

Plage de la Batterie between Cannes and Golfe-Juan, Côte d’Azur

This is the only tolerated naturist  beach between Cannes and Nice! It is situated on the town boarder between Cannes and Golfe-Juan on the French Riviera. The beach is daily looked after by a naturist club named Club Horizon (the name is due to the name of the road, which runs into the coast road). You park on a small parking lot, where the Boulevard Horizon runs into the coast road (there is a gas station on the other corner). If the parking lot is full, you have to try the side roads nearby. From the parking lot you have to walk through a tunnel under the coast road to get to the beach. There is a fish farm and the buildings are next to the beach. GPS-coordinates: Parking lot: N43.550589°, E7.056401°; the beach: N43.550796°, E7.057542°. It is a small beach, which can be rather crowded in July-August – come early. There is a café man on the beach (sandwich, coffee, beer and water) – his name is Daniel.

Plage de la Briande in Ramatuelle, close to Saint Tropex

This is one of the best naturist  beaches in Provence. Wonderful sand beach with crystal-clear water. Wonderful coast mountains, the smell of thyme and rosemary...

You have to drive via Ramatuelle to a place, which is called L’Escalet (is advertised by means of signs). It is situated about 12 km from Saint Tropez. When you get down to L’Escalet you have to drive to the right. During the summer season there is admittance control and parking tickets. You have to get to the end of the road to the right, there are about 35 parking places at the end. (See GPS coordinates below). Come before 10.00 in summertime!

From the parking lots at the end of the road there is a “customs officer path” along the coast mountains to the first point. Actually there are two paths – one up and one further down. Everything is well signed, but you have to wear hiking shoes. Especially on the path below. Not for walking-impaired. To get to Plage de la Briande you have to walk from the parking lots at the end of the road for about 30-35 minutes. Yes, we are far away from everything! You come to a peninsula which you have to cross, and after about 100 meters you have the view to a bay with a sand beach which is about 300 meters long. Perfect sandy bottom – mostly clear water – not many people.

The walking path continues after this sand beach, and therefore there are many hikers along the beach. But it does not matter. It is a tradition to take a sunbath and bath as you like. The quotient of textiles varies a bit due to the season. In the summer there can be rather over textiled – especially during the afternoon you can feel jammed in. But as said before, no problem with with or without – people accept each other. Wonderful to see. By the way there are many possibilities along the walk from the parking lot to the beach. Cliffs to take a sunbath on and about 4-5 small/smaller sand beaches. Here you will also find a wonderful mixture of with and without. The beach can warmly be recommended to people, who are willing to drive so far to see something special.

The GPS coordinates of the parking lot are here:  N43 10.970°, E6 38.499°. The beach is situated here: N43 10.355°, E6 37.992°.